Monday, June 24, 2013

Heroes of Kismet

My current project is taking All For Me Grog and recasting it as a love letter to Al-Qadim. The game is titled Heroes of Kismet and is more than a simple re-skinning of AFMG. For one thing, by altering the attributes, it will change the game play to some degree (at least that's my hope). I think it will actually make the game more "swashbucklery."

It also will include a bit more setting stuff. However, taking my cue from Technoir, their will be a basic paragraph describing the setting of the Land of Kismet in broad strokes, then there are lists of things you can use to make and shape the Land of Kismet as you see fit. These lists include places (man-made), places (natural and supernatural), people, organizations, objects, and events. I may include a little adventure seed generator to tie all these lists together.

Much of the text is finished, now I need to find art. I would love to find some old illustrations like I did for AFMG.