Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Organizing my mental junk drawer.

The list below is mostly for my own use, but I thought I'd share it nonetheless.

Projects currently in some state of development:

Dokkodo. This is my love letter to Misters Koike and Kojiro. Set in literary (rather than a historical) Edo-period Japan, players are all samurai striving to find perfection following the tenants of Miyamoto Musashi's Dokkodo. Their duty as shogunate inspectors along the Tokaido road offers opportunities to achieve pefection in The Way.

Yokai Monogatari. [working title] This a project inspired by a video. I have previously described it as "Spirited Away + Princess Mononoke mashed with Changling + Wraith, set in the Genpei War as portrayed by Edo-period Ukiyo-e artists." I did an alpha playtest that revealed some glaring holes. It was a great thing. Current work is completely rethinking the sturcture of the game from the ground up and deciding how much Noh theater influence I want. 

Heroes of Kismet. Covered yesterday.

Sir Edward and Princess Cherry. A little game for playing with kids. Basic rules are done. Needs to finish writing, get some editorial eyes on it, then wrap it up. Likely a freebie.

Projects with notes scribbled (or typed) somewhere:

Up from the Dirt. Sandboxy western. "Struggle. Life is hard. You must strive for everything. You have goals. Your friends have goals. Sometimes they coincide. Other times they don’t. Sometime you have to skin that smoke wagon and see what happens. When you do, people die. Rule of Law vs Rule of Violence.  What’s important to you? What do you believe in? What will you risk?"

Blood in the Hollers Inspired by Justified. This may be a Fiasco playset.

Of Men and Whales Moby Dick, Blood Meridian. 

Ancient Anachronism. Not sure what this exactly but it includes Pleistocene mega-fauna, neolithic tribes, and an ancient Mesopotamian Empire.